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Posted by: tier1bro - 05-16-2023, 01:03 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

finally batch approved all 14 trap stamps saturday at 6am.

8x ar platform
2x ruger 10/22
4x t/c contenders

that is all

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  The Game Changer: The Rise of Essay Writing Services in Modern Academia
Posted by: homerheadrick - 05-08-2023, 04:52 AM - Forum: Schills & Such - No Replies

As the academic demand on students continues to increase more and more students are turning to essay writing services to help them manage their workload. These services provide students with professionally written essays on a wide range of topics, helping them to achieve academic success without sacrificing their personal and professional responsibilities. However, with the rise of essay writing services comes concerns about the legitimacy and ethics of such services. It's important for students to thoroughly research any essay writing service they consider using to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. So, while essay writing services can be a valuable resource for students, it's crucial to use them responsibly.

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  heard a joke today???
Posted by: tier1bro - 05-06-2023, 02:07 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

"why did god make blind people stink? so niggers would hate them too." 

i didn't really get it. i never noticed that blind people stink. do african americans really hate blind people?

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  fighting old people???
Posted by: tier1bro - 04-20-2023, 11:26 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

arf has a thread about fighting old people. something something 80 year old with dementia takes a swing at a "normal" and gets a knuckle sandwich. the consensus is that it should be based on age-power ratio (ie. an 80 year old is 80% of 100 so you can only use 20% power). which means you can 100% fight a newborn, using full power?

i generally try to only fight old people, and retards. babies remind me to much of midgets, so i try to avoid them if at all possible. anyone here ever fought a toddler? i have fought 2 midgets, but never a toddler. one of my midget fights was a midget bouncer at a world famous bar in tampa. apparently fighting a midget bouncer makes me an asshole, but fighting the full size bouncers makes me a hero. so much for all inclusiveness.

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  serious question???
Posted by: tier1bro - 04-10-2023, 02:39 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (10)

why the atf taking so long to approve all me free trap stamps? been 60 days already. am i gonna have to wait 1 day per stamp? Dodgy

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  speaking of skin suits!!!
Posted by: tier1bro - 04-05-2023, 02:40 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

i would have paid $100 for a "ford" neck tattoo matted in a frame. Dodgy

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  penis measuring?
Posted by: tier1bro - 03-22-2023, 02:48 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (15)

so i have an account on tinder and plenty o fish. these accounts are going pretty well, however i would like to retain the "lookie loos" who just browse. i have decided that adding the measurement of my manhood could help the lookie loo retention. this has created more questions than answers;

1.a) when measuring the shaft, do you measure from the top or bottom? 
1.b) when measuring from the bottom, do you measure from the nut sack, or all the way to the anus?

2.a) either top or bottom, do you measure the foreskin tip? 
2.b) do you add the whole length of foreskin tip or is it a fractional addition?
(example; my friend has a 4" dick including his 3" snout. do you count the whole snout?)

3.) where is girth measured? is it measured at the tranny bite? base? tip of snout?
(example; i have a friend who had a semi long term secret relationship with a 6'5 tranny who was like 285 pounds who nearly bit his penis off. the bite scar is right in the middle of the shaft. he also had a pug that some how when no one else was home and the tranny was in jail for knowingly spreading gonorrhea the 3rd time accidently smeared peanut butter inside the snout of his penis and the pug got her head caught in the ol chinese pug trap and the firefighter had to use vise grips to stretch out the snout to free the pug).

any help would be appreciated (for my friend), thanks.

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  is this the queer section?
Posted by: tier1bro - 03-06-2023, 03:35 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (16)

longtime listener, first time caller.

are all of the "OGs" still here? i have taken a hiatus (im sure the online community has noticed bigly).

my life has changed hugely since i was last here. my wife of 12 years died at the age of 47, i sold the big house, sold the business, sold the equipment, sold the boats, dropped the kids off at the fire station, married a big tittied fuck machine, bought some acreage with a couple houses (one is a trailer home, basically i now live in a trailer home, i am more less like a combination of james, lane, and snafu, with a side of cat piss willy minus the bluetooth ear dongle / methery) 3 miles from the gulf of mexico (about 30 miles from my og hometown) (i am near the guy who "shot his finger off", and "his wife said he couldnt hangout with us anymore"). i currently own zero raptors, they were replaced with lifted excursions, and ford fiestas. all of my old dogs have died, i know have one small dog who shits everywhere, and a large puppy who eats that shit. i am now into microtech knives, dead air suppressors, and currently awaiting 11 "pistol brace" sbr stamps.

i am amazed this place still exists (i had forgotten the old web address, until i ran across those old famous sockmonkey car reviews where he reads and answers the comments, he still does them, and they are still gold minus the comments.)

LO motherfucking L.

i have missed you dudes.

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  New Topic
Posted by: sdzelbet - 01-27-2023, 02:36 PM - Forum: Schills & Such - Replies (35)

Hi I'm new here.

* Your signature has been suspended for being a schill  nice product but not in here, otherwise Congratulation you made it.

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